Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heavenly Dress Code

2/52....hehe, it's only April, I can post 50 more this year, right??

So, just one more thing we are technically behind on is the 100 verses in a year challenge. However, I'm working with the little Princess memorizing them so I'm super pleased with how far we are! She has mastered 7 verses and we are still going. We have done some key verses including the Romans Road verses and a few others. She enjoys "doing bible verses" when we work on them (usually!!) and really has learned so much in the past 3 months! I'm really trying to explain them in terms she understands, rather then just memorizing the words. So, all that to lead up to this cute and sooo her conversation we had last week.

We were talking about heaven and she said you get to heaven when you ask Jesus into your heart and ask Him to take you to heaven. Then....
Princess: I don't want to go. I will miss all my toys.
Queen: Why will you miss them?
Princess: We don't take our things to heaven. (how does she know that??)
Queen: that's ok, we will have so much fun on heaven, we won't miss our toys, things, or anything we have here.
Princess: (starting to go drama-city and tearing up) Will I have a dress to wear?
Queen: of course! Jesus will make sure we have everything we need and the bible says we will get a new outfit to wear in heaven (don't ask me to quote the verse).
Princess: oh yay!! Ok I do want to go to heaven.

Then she proceeds to pray asking Jesus if mommy, daddy, her, and William can go to heaven TOGETHER at the SAME time. Haha. Such a goofball. I love it!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm now one of THOSE people

Blog post 1/52

Ok, I give in. I give up. You two win. I'm not a blogger. I'm more of a texter. I don't have a way with words and it takes me an hour to tell a simple story. So, think of this blog as more like the back of a shampoo bottle or side of a cereal box - something you read when nothing else is within reach and you just have the urge to read something to get you through whatever mundane task is at hand. Whether you are on the can or forcing down a bowl of oatmeal (which will soon lead to a trip to the can!), I won't judge.

My sister challenged, no demanded, that I start a blog and join her in a photo a week journey with me in the photo. Although, I'm super glam and take smoking hot pictures, I have realized when making my last online photo album that I am very rarely in the million pics we take. I'm fine with that since the kiddos are so much cuter and the little princes is obsessed with the king - so they have tons of pics together. So here it goes.

Oh and I know everyone always has cute little nicknames for their family members in blogs. I'm not that creative or cutesy. So since there are 4 of us, we will be the generic royal family. King daddy, queen mommy, big sis princess and little bro prince.

Today was the little prince's 4 month dr appt. 15lbs. 1 oz. (40th percentile) and 25.5" long (69th percentile) for those of you keeping score at home. Where in the world did we get these tallish children??? His shots apparently made him super sleepy but also a bit crabby bc he wouldn't stay asleep in his bed for longer then 5 minutes at a time but was snug as a drugged bug when I held him.

4 hours later....starting to wake up but still not loving being out of the queen's arms....

So there you have it. My first official post. Thanks for hanging in with me. I promise the rest won't be as long.

Oh, and don't forget to leave the fan on and light a candle.